In the early 1980s baseball hats and other sports hats modeled after this design started to be manufactured in once size fits all formats. This change to the production allowed for adjustable hats, which have become known as Snapbacks hats, be created which allowed a person to adjust the size of the hat using snaps and selecting the size which best fit their head. Snapbacks hats allowed manufacturers to reduce costs and product more hats than in the past because they no longer had to make different sizes and balance demand for these sizes against production schedules. Now manufacturers could make as many baseball hats as were demanded and only had to make modifications to make smaller versions for children. The mass production of Snapbacks hats allows sports teams to expand offerings for the fans and create different hats in the team's colors with some styles featuring the team mascot or logo, while others had the team's name instead. Baseball hats are available for many different sports fans including baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, football and basketball.

Colleges, high schools and local sporting teams also make use of Snapbacks hats for the players as well as selling them to local fans. The proceeds from the sales of these hats often go to help support the sporting programs at schools by paying for uniforms, travel to away games and salaries for the coaches. People can show their support for local sports programs by purchasing and wearing these hats. Snapbacks hats can also be used for fundraising purposes by schools, charities, and other non-profit organizations. These adjustable hats can feature popular sports teams from various sports or even the organizations own logo and design. Some manufacturers of adjustable hats will assist with fundraising programs by providing order sheets, catalogs and product samples. The 4th Quarter Shop,, carries Snapbacks hats available from all popular sports including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL and soccer teams. The company prides itself on offering great customer service and flat rate shipping and handling of $5.99 for orders regardless of size. The 4th Quarter Shop accepts payments for orders through PayPal as well as Visa and MasterCard.

The 4th Quarter Shop stocks many products besides Snapbacks hats for sports fans of all ages. Automotive sport themed items available include steering wheel covers, seat belt covers and CD cases. Sports teams' apparel options include t-shirts, jerseys, hats, and gloves. The 4th Quarter Shop has many different types of glassware products featuring fans favorite sporting teams available from pilsner glasses to can coolers. Other accessories available with your favorite team include watches, key chains, signs, flags, backpacks, lanyards, wallets, playing cards and plush toys. The 4th Quarter Shop began as a small business dedicated to sports fans by offering products through eBay and grew into a full time family owned and operated business. For product questions or assistance with Snapbacks hats orders a person can call 323-254-1240, Monday through Friday 12 PM until 7 PM PST and Saturdays 10 AM until 7 PM PST or send an email to