Vintage snapbacks are retro baseball caps with adjustable snaps on the back of the hat which allow for a person to adjust the size of the hat to their head. Retro adjustable baseball caps are similar to the styles worn in the past that were not adjustable. Prior to the 1980s baseball caps were not adjustable and had to be manufactured in many different sizes. Baseball caps were originally developed in the 1860s for the Brooklyn Excelsiors and by the 1900s had become popular headwear for baseball teams. The brim on the hats helped block out the sun and allowed the players in the field to see that ball without having the squint when looking up. Baseball hats were also made available to fans which desired sports memorabilia and apparel to show support for their favorite baseball team. Over the years sports fans have desired retro baseball caps and vintage snapbacks were created to fulfill this demand.

Design changes occurred in the 1940s with the invention of new materials such as latex rubber which allowed for hats to be made out of stiffer materials and allow for larger brims. This style of baseball hat is still in use today with only minor design changes being made as new materials have been developed. Vintage snapbacks use different materials including cotton, polyester and wool in their retro designs. The popularity of vintage snapbacks led other sports such as basketball, football, soccer and hockey to create their own styles of baseball hats for fans and players to wear outside of the game. These hats are also considered baseball hats because their designs use the same format as the hats made for baseball.

Vintage snapbacks feature the sports team's color with different designs on the hat which include the team mascot, team logo and team name. Some designs may only include one item where other designs incorporate all three items such as placing the team logo or mascot on the front, with the team name on one side and the team's home city on the other side. Vintage snapbacks are available from different retailers of sports merchandise including The 4th Quarter Shop, This reseller features adjustable retro style hats for many different sports teams including the NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA and soccer. Both modern and vintage designs of sports hats are available for fans to wear and display their favorite teams. The 4th Quarter Shop is a family owned and operated business which was started as a part-time operation on eBay and grew in popularity because of the great customer service. In addition to vintage snapbacks, The 4th Quarter Shop has other sport team merchandise and apparel available for a person to show their true sporting spirit at home and the office. Other available products include drinking glasses, key chains, lanyards, stuffed team mascot toys, flags, t-shirts, jerseys, gloves, beanies, playing cards, watches, wallets and backpacks. For more information or questions about available products or ordering assistance call 323-254-1240 or send an email to